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Can the Konnected Alarm Panel support custom Access Control and integrate with a Camera System for greater functionality?

Integrating Custom Access Control and a Camera System with Konnected Alarm Panel

Anything that uses dry-contact relays can be used with Konnected out of the box with any of Konnected's platforms (SmartThings, Alexa, Home Assistant). To trigger things like an electromagnetic door strike or something like that, you will just need an inexpensive 5V relay module triggered by Konnected.

Anything with relay output can also be used as an input zone on Konnected. For example, an NVR or camera system with dry-contact output for alarms. Or a push-button to grant access.

For even more capability, flash ESPHome on the Konnected device and use any ESPHome components to do cool stuff like read a Wiegand keypad or an ambient light sensor.