Add a Konnected Device to Home Assistant with ESPHome


    New in 2023! Konnected now provides pre-built ESPHome firmware for all Konnected products. We recommend that new Home Assistant users follow these steps to get started quickly with Konnected and Home Assistant powered by ESPHome.

    Flash ESPHome on the Konnected Device

    1. Visit on your computer or laptop (in Chrome or Edge browser) and connect your device using a data-ready Micro-USB cable.
    2. Choose a build from the drop-down menu for the desired capabilities and connectivity of your device. Note that ESPHome can only support one network interface (Ethernet or WiFi) on the Alarm Panel Pro at a time.
    3. Click Connect, chose the device serial port, then click Install Konnected [Product Name] for ESPHome

    Connect to WiFi

    Skip this step if you are connecting via Ethernet on the Alarm Panel Pro

    1. Plug in the Konnected device using the included power adapter, or connect it by USB to a powered USB port.
    2. On your computer or mobile device, go to WiFi settings and connect to the open network named alarm-panel-xxxxx where "xxxxxx" is a unique identifier.
    3. After connecting, a pop-up should appear showing available WiFi networks (if it does not automatically appear, go to in your browser).
    4. Select or type in your WiFi SSID, enter your password, and save.

    Add to Home Assistant

    Once connected to the network, Home Assistant should automatically discover the device via the ESPHome integration.

    1. Check the Notifications pane for New Devices Discovered or just go to Settings > Devices & Services.
    2. The Konnected device will appear as a discovered ESPHome device.
    3. Click Configure.
    4. Add the device to an Area (optional) and click Finish to add the Konnected device and all zones to Home Assistant.