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Add a Konnected Device to Home Assistant

    Konnected now supports two ways to directly integrate with Home Assistant over your local network.

    Made for ESPHome

    New in 2023!

    Konnected now publishes ESPHome firmware builds for all products. ESPHome integrates natively and locally with Home Assistant and is recommended for Home Assistant users who want the most reliability, capability, and customizability out of their Konnected products.

    ESPHome is an open-source firmware for ESP32 and ESP8266 based devices (like Konnected) that's sponsored by the same parent company that sponsors Home Assistant. Konnected's official ESPHome firmware builds for Konnected devices provide a fast and easy on-ramp to using Konnected natively, securely, and locally with Home Assistant.

    Konnected's ESPHome firmware configurations are open-source and adaptable, enabling unlimited customization and for power users wishing to have full control over their Konnected device firmware.

    Built-in Integration

    Konnected has had a built-in integration for our Alarm Panel products in Home Assistant since 2018 and Konnected devices are discovered in Home Assistant automatically. The built-in integration uses Konnected's local two-way REST API.

    Konnected's built-in Home Assistant integration is still supported for existing installations while new development efforts are being focused on the ESPHome firmware platform.