360° Ceiling Surface Mount Passive Infrared (PIR) Motion Sensor

Installation Manual for 360° Ceiling Mount Motion Sensor

Mounting the 360° Motion Sensor

Recommended installation height is 2 to 6 meters (6.5' to 19.5').

Separate the top and bottom sections of the motion sensor plastic enclosure by unscrewing them. Mount the back piece (with the green circuit board) to the ceiling using appropriate mounting hardware (not included) through the holes in the back cover.

Configure the jumper settings and secure the wiring before replacing the front lens cover.

Do not touch the surface of the IR emitter to prevent affecting the sensitivity.

Detector Settings

The motion detector has three jumper settings to adjust the functionality of the device. These are the recommended settings for use with Konnected:

unnamed (3)LED Enable

J4. When ON the red LED will illuminate when motion is detected. When OFF, the red LED is disabled.

Dry Contact or 12V Signal

J1. Output is a dry contact relay. Use this setting for Konnected and most alarm panels.
J0. Output is 12V+. Use this setting to power a 12V light or non-inductive load directly (up to 300mA). NOT for Konnected! 

Ensure that the jumper cap is on the J1 side before wiring to a Konnected panel.

Normally Closed or Normally Open

J3. Normally Closed means that the dry contact relay circuit is complete when idle, and opens when motion is detected. This is the recommended setting.
J2. Normally Open is the inverse of the above, open circuit when idle, and closed when motion is detected.



Use 4-core alarm wire or similar to connect the motion sensor to your Konnected Alarm Panel.

  1. Red wire to V+ on the motion sensor and AUX+ or 12V+ on Konnected.
  2. Black wire to GND on the motion sensor and AUX- on Konnected.
  3. IN+ and IN- go to the other pair of wires, connected to any Zone and G on Konnected