Identifying Your Wiring

An important first step to replacing your legacy alarm with Konnected is to identify and label your wires. Taking the time to do this will ensure that you get things installed correctly.

Important Info

Before you disconnect anything we would encourage you to first take some clear close pictures of your current connections, wiring diagram, and zone lists. This way if there is any confusion after you disconnect things you have a reference.

Second we have included a set of label stickers in your kit. Use them to clearly separate your wires.

Examine your zone list

Most alarm installers will write down which sensors are connected to which zones. Sometimes zones will only be one sensor. But other sensors (such as doors or windows) might be grouped together. Open/close sensors that are grouped together will be hooked in series. 


Below is a list of common labels on alarm systems to help you identify wires.

  • AC +/-  these are connected to a voltage thing & 120 (DO NOT connect these to your Konnected board. Damage will occur)
  • Aux +/- these will be power wires transmitting DC voltage. And might be used as a source to power the Konnected board or other things.
  • Bell +/-  these are connected to your siren (could a speaker or actual siren)
  • Data this used to communicate with your keypad
  • Data com/+ or -/+ this the power to your keyboard
  • Zones  these will be your sensors - usually numbered - com/neg might be in between (Note: they may have resistors connected to them. You won’t need them with Konnected)
  • Telephone these wires are either a Cat3 or Cat5 set of twisted wires used to make calls in emergencies or the monitoring service.
  • Ground this is a ground in case of power issues

Other helps

  • Contact Sensors (door/windows) are usually 2 strand wires.
  • Motion Detectors are usually 4 strand wires. 2 wires will be usually be black/red - these are the power wires. The other 2 wires go to the sensor.
  • Sirens are usually a 2 strand wire.
  • Keypad is a 4 strand wire. 2 wires usually black/red are to power the keyboard. 2 wires are for data communication to the keyboard.
  • Power wires normally are red/black. Incoming power is AC (DO NOT USE). A set of black/red wires might be connected to a battery (You won’t need these for Konnected).
  • Data/Phone these is a twisted pair of wires for phone or network communication. Cat3 or Cat5 wire type. You will not these for Konnected because it connects wireless.